Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dominic begins a prison ministry in Torit

A weekly Bible Study was started in Torit prison, the first of its kind. During the first visit, 10 prisoners gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Prisoners ask for some Bibles and the Juba Arabic hymnals, each cost about $2.50. The hymnals are available in Torit but the Juba Arabic Bibles are out of stock at that time. They have the Otuho New Testaments Bibles. Trinity Baptist sent some funds to purchase the hymnals for the Prison and Hospital ministries and some for the Sunday services.

Forty Arabic/English humnal books at $2.50 each, were bought. Twenty books were given for the prison ministry and 20 to the ECSS congregation in Torit. More hymnals books are need for the other congegations and also Bibles in Otuho, Arabic and English. The prisoners love to sing and praise God as they continue to meet for the weekly Bible Studies.