Thursday, June 4, 2009

October 2008, Dominic celebrates 2 year anniversary

A prayer meeting was held to give praise to God, for the 2 year anniversary of Dominic's major surgery to remove serious diseased kidney which was affecting his other good one. He had a kidney infection while attending NEGST and the medical doctor told him to ignore it. They lacked financial resources to get a second opinion. He was forced to receive good medical attention in late spring of 2006 when he was experiencing severe pain and later in October had the bad kidney removed.
At the same time, he was in hospital, Rejoice delivered by cesarean their 4 child, a girl named Donna, at another hospital in Nairobi. Rejoice was only in hospital one day after delivery to save costs and because she had to take care of Dominic's hospital costs. His hospital stay was longer than originally planned and the hospital was demanding the cost be paid up front before he would receive any medical care. UNBELIEVABLE! They were going to have him arrested for lack of payment! He received no food or medicines and was checked upon frequently to make sure he had not skipped out of hospital. So Rejoice, carrying a newborn baby, had to go around Nairobi asking for a loan to take care of the hospital cost. Later TBC reimbursed them for the cost. So they were celebrating God's goodness during this difficult time.
His recovery was slow because he kept having to return to Sudan to take care of ECSS business. Many prayers were said for healing. November of 2008, he had just returned from Sudan when he got serious sick again and was hospitalized for another 5 days or so. However, this time he received excellent medical care and it was discovered that his only kidney was not affected. But he had a bacterial infection and this time he received good medication to minimize any future kidney infection. He takes it seriously because it is the only kidney which keeps him alive. He returns to Nairobi every 3 months now for medical checkups. God is so good! He thanks TBC for the many prayers for his health.