Friday, August 28, 2009

July 23, 2009 -- Dominic Reports on Current News

Dominic writes "I heard over radio (BBC frequency) on how Pres. Obama is planning to change American healthcare. It may not be an easy venture. He has to convince the parliamentarians/senators on how the government is going to meet the huge cost. Most leaders in African countries had a great expectations from Obama but it seems he is losing popularity especially in his father's country, Kenya. Kenyans was expecting Obama to visit the country and may solve some economic burdens but that did not work. Some people still have hope for him to visit Kenya. South Sudan and people of Darfur have negative feeling about Obama's administration. The administration is very much compromising with the Khartoum Islamic government. The government is continuing in killing the people of Darfur and intimidating the people of South Sudan and opposition parties in the north but the Obama's administration is saying things are improving in Sudan. We hope someone may advise him that he is playing with snakes.
North and South Sudan governments had a dispute on border demarcation in the oil rich Abyei region (the border between northern and southern Sudan). Each party wanted to control the available oil fields in the area As a result, there was lots of tension and even last year the two armies clashed in the area. The case was taken to court. Yesterday, the court of arbitration in Hague declared the findings of the demarcation of the border of 1905 and 1956 that the two major oil fields were to belong to the north (Arabs). The two sides accepted the results. In fact there was lots of tension in the whole Sudan for the last two weeks. Since Monday this week, Arab shops in the South were all closed. The owners feared that there was going to be conflict in Abyei which would spread to other towns in northern and southern Sudan. This morning friends in Torit, where I live, report that things have returned to normal and people have gone to work. We pray that God will continue to give peace in the hearts of war mongers."