Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TBC is providing scholarship to train one ECSS pastor in Kenya

Let us introduce Jordan Anguramoi, ECSS pastor in Loming village in South Sudan.
Jordan has sent to us his brief history and testimony:

Family Background
I come from the family who does not know God. My father was a polygamous person with three wives; my mother is a first wife. She had seven children, four died and we remain three, a sister who is married and a brother who is our last born. My father died in the year 1996. I have recently gotten married to Joyce who is with me while attending PACU. I have my own family with two adopted (orphan) grown up children.

My Childhood

During my childhood, I spent most of my time herding my father's cattle and little attention was paid to my school because most schools were closed during the civil war. I struggled by myself until I finished my secondary school and later I attended an advanced diploma course of South Africa (Timothy Training Institute).

My Education Background

I started my education in early age (compared to Sudan situation) when we took refuge in Uganda. Thereafter I cam back as returnees. I struggled to join secondary school in Sudan run by the Roman Catholic Church. I joined school and studied up to third year(high school) and sat for Sudan school certificate.
I am determined to study at Pan African Christian University (PACU), so that I can be more effective in my ministry. I learned about PACU from the Rejoice, and thankful for scholarship support from Trinity Baptist Church and several other generous families. I hope I will grow more and more in Christian faith as I study at PACU.

My Salvation

In June 1999, I attended a preaching of ECSS leaders at a deferral ceremony in Torit town. I came to know Jesus Christ to be my personal savior when I was finishing my secondary school (senior). This was the time when I started to read the Bible regularly. Through reading the Bible, I discovered that there was a very big difference between being a pagan and a Christian and I continued to serve the Lord and His people. I believe that Jesus Christ is perfect and sinless who paid my ransom by dying on the cross for us. I received Jesus Christ in my life and continue to make him known through our ministry of Evangelical Church of South Sudan (ECSS).

My Present Ministry
My present ministry is the Evangelical Church of South Sudan, which is an indigenous, a Baptist church by practice and procedures. I am currently a youth and mission leader of ECSS and pastor of ECSS Church of Light (Loming congregation) "Lopa" County. My village is located on the top of a mountain, not far from the Ilieu village congregation. During rainy times, the road to my village remains impassable.

My Future Plan
Currently I am in a theological school enrolling my BA degree in theology at Pan Africa Christian University in Nairobi, Kenya; God willing, right away after graduation, I will be going back to Sudan to men and women of God in the ECSS.
- - - - - - - - -
Jordan just finished his 2nd year of studies at Pan African Christian University in Nairobi, Kenya. He was married only one week before he was to leave to enroll at PACU in Nairobi and his wife, Joyce, joined him several months later. He has done very well in school even though he has not had much schooling before, as most Sudanese. But Dominic has been mentoring him and given him the responsibility of many arrangements for the pastoral training sessions in Sudan. During vacations from school, Jordan has returned to his village in Sudan, encouraging the congregations and being involved the Pastoral Training seminars and several outreach ventures. He promises to become an important pastor in ECSS because he and his wife has the sincere commitment to return to South Sudan to minister in their rural community.

ECSS needs trained pastors to lead and manage the congregations to accomplish their mission and purpose. If pastors get trained we expect that ECSS pastors will work more effectively, able to work in team ministry and manage conflict in congregational life. There is an urgent need to provide financial support for the pastors. Congregations are unable to support their pastors. Some are forced to get government jobs in order to support their families, leaving the congregation confused and easily turn back to the world or traditional religions. Only the committed pastors still lead the congregations at a big sacrifice.